Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hear a Horse's Heart Beat, Gut Sounds

Do you know the sound of your horse’s heart beat and gut? And if you do, do you know what they mean in terms of his general health?

Most horse owners think they know a horse’s normal vital signs and how to identify them…but most don’t have a base line for their horse. Do you? For a free report on vital signs and to hear a horse’s heart beat and gut sounds, go to www.horsecoursesonline.com and click on “free report” in the left hand menu.

A full investigation of the meaning of gut sounds and heart rates is included in both the HorseCoursesOnline.com Stable Management and Equine Health and Disease Management courses.

HorseCoursesOnline.com serves more than 4,000 students in 27 countries, providing a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Studies from Breyer State University or Professional Horse Trainer or Riding Instructor certifications from the Equine Studies Institute.

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